Q: Does the Hair Look Exactly Like the Picture?
A: We can not guarantee it is 100% the same as the picture, be aware of the colour difference. As different monitors will show the colour differently. At the same time, different people have a different expectation of the hair, it is hard to satisfy everyone.

Q: Is It 100% Human Hair?
A: Yes, all in the store is 100% Real Human Hair, you can send it to the relevant agency for inspection. Any mix materials you find, we will give you a big reward.

Q: Can I Dye the Hair?
A: Yes, the hair can be dyed as it is human hair. But there is a general rule that hair can be dyed from a lighter colour to a darker colour. And we suggest you ask the professional hairstylist to dye for you, always try a small strand of hair when you dye it.

Q: How Long Does My Own Hair Need To Be to Use Hair Extensions?
A: Different people have different opinions but as a general rule we find as long as you have shoulder length hair or slightly short hair you should be okay.

Q: How Long Do the Extensions Maintain?
A: General Speaking the hair extensions can last for 2 to 4 months. Your personal care matters the life of the extensions. In a word, the more you look after them the longer they will maintain.

Q: Can They Be Straightened, Curled or Tongued?
A: Yes, you can straighten and curl the hair as you like. But please be noted that the temperature you heat the hair should not over 300 Fahrenheit.