How to Take Care of Hair Extensions?

No matter how good our hair extension is, if we don't take good care of it, it will appear damaged,bacame dry and split ends. The following post from Hetto will work on the reasons and tell you how to take care of your hair.

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Why Our Hair Extensions are Hurt?

> Excessive Exposure To Sunshine

High temperatures can cause dry hair. Moreover, if you spend a lot of time outdoors in summer, the sun’s ultraviolet rays will make your hair more brittle.

> Wash Your Hair Too Often

Hair extensions are somehow weaker than the real hair since it doesn’t receive any oils or nutrients from your scalp. So washing hair extensions too often can take away their little pre-existing moistures, making them drier and frizzier.

> Use Heating Tools Excessively

Hair heating tools will bring convenience to your life. But if you use them excessively, it will damage your hair and extensions. Damaged hair will become dry and easy to fall out

> Using The Wrong Shampoo Product

Sulfate is a common ingredient in lots of shampoo brands because it could create lather. However, this substance would omit the natural oil from the hair, thus making it become dry and frizzy. Therefore, to prevent the natural oil and moisture from reducing, it is better to use a sulfate free shampoo.

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 Four Ways To Take Care of Our Hair Extensions:

> Using a shampoo with a high level of glycerin

Glycerin would penetrate to the hair strands and hydrate it inside out. Hence, it could be a powerful weapon to combat frizz. This ingredient also absorbs the excess moisture from the air and keep your hair humid enough.

> Do not use the hair dryer immediately

After washing your hair, do not use a hair dryer immediately. Wrap the hair with a dry towel and press it gently to squeeze out the moisture in the hair. When the hair is not dripping, pat the hair directly with the towel. This will easily dry the hair. Will affect hair curls, and will not damage hair.

> Use oil on hair end

Treat hair extensions like your own hair, often using olive oil to keep it shiny and can apply nourishing oil to hair ends. It will soak deep into the hair cuticle to add moisture and revitalize health and vibrancy.

> Comb and massage hair every night

Every evening, comb you hair and massage the hair with your own hands, which will help the blood circulation of the scalp, and it will quickly repair the severely damaged hair after the perm. The combs used for straight hair and perm are completely different. You can change the comb used after perm to comb your hair, so that the curls will not be loosened, and the hair will not be knotted without combing.

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