How to Part Your Hair Using Clip in Hair Extensions?

Do you like clip ins? Clip ins have many advantages, such as easy to wear, invisible and little damage to hair. It is loved by everyone. A lot of how your clip in extensions look on you depends on how you decide to part your hair, Trust us, it is not rocket science. It is all about making a couple of right choices. So without any further delay, let us dive into the various ways you can part your hair while using clip-in

Middle Part

Middle Part is one of the most preferred parting methods by sisters around the world, The best part is that it looks great on all face shapes, but is the most flattering For ladies with round faces.

With equal hair falling on both sides, a round face looks more elongated.

How to do:

  1. Before installing hair extensions, position your comb in the middle of your brows and split the hair evenly on each side. Use a styling product to keep baby hairs in place for a perfect, even line. Once you create this part, lift a layer of your hair on one hair of the partition and put in 1-2 wefts of your clip-in extensions. Repeat the same on the other side of the partition, Make sure you use the same number of clip-in extensions on either side.
  2. You can place the clip-in extensions at the height same as your temple or maybe a bit higher, based on your preference.
  3. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, place the remaining clip-in extensions at the back of your hair. The Middle Part you create using clip-in extensions is very quick and easy.

Deep Side Part

If you want to create waves in your hair and make yourself look taller, then Deep Side Parting is best way to go, especially for a heart-shaped face. It can soften the angle of the cheekbones and enlarge the chin area

How to do:

First Step

Using a wide tooth comb to create a deep side parting on the side of your choice.

Second Step

Once you have your parting in place, lift a layer of hair on the deep side of the part (we mean the side with more hair). Now add 2 weft of your clip in extensions.

Repeat the same process on the other side too, but just add one weft of the clip-in extensions.

The most important thing is that the height you put is absolutely correct. On the deep side of the part, layer out the clip in extensions one on top of the other, as on the other side you will be placing the clip in extensions at a slightly lower height.

Finally Step

It makes better if you add waves to your hair and clip in extensions

Slicked Back-Charming Style

Although technically it does not involve the hair part, the appearance of wet slicked back hair is all the rage on the red carpet. Almost every beautiful star has been found to have this fashion style. It will make people focus on your cheekbones and charming smile.

How to do:

Step onePlease comb all hair back and away from your face. Apply mousse or hair spray to make sure the hair stays.

Step twoFocus all clip ins on the back for extra length and volume. Your smooth back hair can easily cover the weft. Give our clip in hair collection a try for this slicked back look as it adds more volume at the roots. 

The above three are our most common and popular hair parts. Do you want to try them?

With our clip ins, you can easily try them.

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